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Stay Warm This Winter with Sittingsuits

The Ultimate Cozy Solution for Your Home

As winter approaches and temperatures begin to drop, many of us are looking for ways to stay warm without causing our energy bills to skyrocket. Jennifer O'Connell from IRISH TIMES recently shared 18 heat-saving hacks that can help you stay cozy while keeping your bills down.One innovative solution she mentioned is the Danish-designed Sittingsuit, which offers a stylish and practical way to stay warm indoors during the cold months. Let's explore how Sittingsuits can help you stay warm and save energy this winter.

Sittingsuits: A Stylish and Practical Solution for Staying Warm

Originally created by a Danish restaurant owner as an alternative to blankets and gas heaters for outdoor seating, Sittingsuits are a versatile and fashionable option for staying warm indoors. These one-size-fits-all suits are designed to be worn over your regular clothes or even your coat, providing an extra layer of insulation without adding too much bulk.

Sittingsuits are made from high-quality, wind and water-repellent fabric, ensuring you stay warm and dry even if you need to step outside. They feature side slits that allow you to access your pockets easily and a cozy hood for added warmth. Sittingsuits are a worthwhile investment for staying warm throughout the winter.

How to Use Sittingsuits to Stay Warm and Save Energy

  • Incorporating Sittingsuits into your winter routine can help you stay cozy without cranking up the thermostat. Here are some ways to make the most of your Sittingsuit:
  • Wear your Sittingsuit while working from home: If you're working remotely, wearing a Sittingsuit can help you stay warm and comfortable without needing to heat your entire home. This can help you save energy and reduce your heating bill.

  • Layer up for added warmth: Combine your Sittingsuit with other heat-saving hacks, such as wearing merino wool garments or using a hot water bottle. This can help you stay warm without relying solely on your home heating system.

  • Use your Sittingsuit during leisure time: Whether you're watching TV, reading, or relaxing, wearing your Sittingsuit can provide an extra layer of warmth and comfort, allowing you to keep the thermostat at a lower setting.
  • Keep your Sittingsuit by the door: Store your Sittingsuit near the entrance of your home, so you can quickly put it on when you come inside from the cold. This can help you warm up faster without needing to crank up the heat.

    By using a Sittingsuit alongside other heat-saving hacks like those mentioned in Jennifer O'Connell's article, you can stay warm and cozy this winter while keeping your energy bills in check. So, before you reach for the thermostat, consider investing in a Sittingsuit to help you stay warm and save energy throughout the colder months.

In this enlightening interview, we delve into the artistic world of Rosso Emerald Crimson, a painter renowned for her vibrant creations and nuanced narratives.

Merging her background in International Communications and Human Rights, Rosso's work challenges societal norms and cultural biases, offering intriguing glimpses into the female psyche. Her collaboration with Sittingsuits brings her art into the realm of fashion, transforming her beloved designs into wearable art pieces. Influenced by yoga, meditation, and nature, Rosso's work stimulates senses often suppressed in our daily lives. While maintaining her artistic integrity, she navigates the commercial art industry with grace, welcoming feedback to refine her narratives and styles. With upcoming exhibits at Barcelona's MEAM Museum and the international Artdom project, Rosso continues to leave her mark on the global art scene. Read on to learn more about her artistic journey and inspirations.

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Özlem draws her inspiration from nature, including her eight years of studying biology, from single-celled organisms to entire ecosystems, evolution, microbiology, and her own imagination. She believes that art must come from within a person before they can incorporate it into their work, and that artistic people have a unique way of seeing the world.
In today's fast-paced world, it's hard to come up with a product that genuinely solves a problem while being sustainable and innovative. Sittingsuits, the brainchild of Rebecca Johansen and Vibe Johansson, is one such product that has made a significant impact in various industries by rethinking the way people experience the outdoors.

Rebecca Johansen, CEO of Sittingsuits ApS and owner of Axelhus & Axelbar in Elsinore, Denmark, has been an experienced restaurateur for over 16 years. With 450 outdoor seatings combined, she faced the challenge of keeping her guests warm and comfortable in all types of weather. While traditional solutions like outdoor heating and blankets offered some respite, they lacked the sustainability and effectiveness that Rebecca desired.


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